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Vpype Live Video Broadcast on Facebook needs Johnny Cash Radio

Vpype Live™ is the only live, interactive video broadcast application made just for Facebook.  With a Facebook account, a webcam and a few clicks, anyone can be broadcasting on the Internet.

If it is time for YOU to share your mug online to sing, dance, teach, share or stand on a soap box but the technical aspects are an obstacle, Vpype.com is the next stop for your mouse to click.



A Vpype screenshot on their Facebook fan page:



From the View menu, you can search by Broadcaster or Show for both live and recorded broadcasts, or check the Program Guide for scheduled broadcasts.


From the Broadcast menu, you can create your own live shows, and chat interactively with your audience. All you need is a webcam and microphone.


Manage allows you to keep tabs on all of the activity around your shows. Notices let you know when people Like your shows or comment on them. Recordings allows you to edit, publish, or delete your existing shows. Scheduled allows you to edit, publish, or delete your upcoming shows. Stats keeps track of your usage and other metrics.

Who might be interesting to see on Facebook via Vpype? 

I would like to see local celebrity, musician, song writer and Johnny Cash Radio host: Chuck Gay. Chuck is the host of "Johnny Cash - Late and Alone" at www.johnnycashradio.com.

johnny cash radio chuck gay

If you have not yet heard of Johnny Cash Radio, you will find a refreshing take on using Internet radio. 

The music is selected and presented by each radio show host. Chuck Gay is local to the Pacific NW and heard in the late night spot on Johnny Cash Radio.

This may be a new opportunity as Johnny Cash Radio has been streaming Johnny Cash music on the Internet for 15 years as of 2011.

johnnycash 15years

1996 was not a time when the Internet was the place to be and to go strong for so many years is another example of people doing inbound marketing before it became a term.

The DJ's and team include:

The radio show online is supported by donations and purchases in the store.  If you become a fan, you will have the opportunity to support Johnny Cash Radio and continue to listen to Johnny Cash Music 24/7. 

Johnny Cash Radio was ahead of the game many years ago when it began streaming music on the Internet.  Hopefully, the music and messages might be a consideration for Facebook broadcasting.  I would bet there would be many willing to be interviewed via a Johnny Cash Radio Facebook live broadcast.

Even as I write this, I listen to Johnny Cash singing with Steve Martin for a chuckle on Johnny Cash Radio - the Chad Crowe Show # 39.

Consider your vision and whether Vpype.com is your next best step.  Go to www.johnnycashradio.com and listen to music.  Stay up late and let Chuck Gay know you are a fan.

"Either of do something worth writing about or write about something worth doing."  - Benjamin Franklin 

If you have done something worth writing about, let me know.  If you have written something worth doing, do you want to share?

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