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In Common With Lady Gaga is College Students and Better Grades

It was recently announced that Lady Gaga was the first to have 10 million Twitter followers.  With such a fan base, it becomes an apparent marketing opportunity.  If 10 million people (monsters as she calls them) will deliberately follow a person whose primary role is to sing, dance, entertain and get media hype, what product, service or website could be of interest?  Certainly not Barbie Dolls. 

The entrepreneur who is working hard on using social media marketing sees 10 million followers and understands quickly that does not apply to their business and puts marketing with Twitter aside for another day.

What Lady Gaga has in common with college students?  Twitter.

A study is done with Twitter by college students to determine what affect Twitter might have on education.  Is Twitter harmful to education?  The infographic below shows the results. 

Note the number of students participating in the study was only 125 and may not be enough for a real sampling.  What might be interesting is that according to this particular study, first year college students are the highest users of Twitter. 

The infographic shows how grades improved .51 more for the group using Twitter vs. the control group.  Since the discussion continued after class via Twitter , it is assumed the discussion had a positive impact on the studies and final outcome.

Certainly Twitter is full of chatter, marketing broadcasters, junk and predators.  This is true of any group of people in conversation.  Since Google is paying attention and ranking Tweets, people are going out of their way to follow Lady Gaga and there is a belief that Twitter in college classes can improve grades, it is difficult to not ponder about how to add the tool to the marketing plan.

I would have appreciated a larger group for the test.  Maybe it will inspire another test on a larger scale.

If you think of Twitter as one of the Push Button Tech Tools for investigation, introductions or invitations, the opportunity creates warm calls vs. cold calls.  If the goal is to seek out young college students and sell them Lady Gaga T-Shirts and secrets to passing tests, then Twitter becomes a gold mine don't you think?

Social media marketing with Twitter is a part of inbound marketing.  Start your inbound marketing training today.

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