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Content Marketing Spending Budget Infographic

This infographic is based on information from Marketo's Content Marketing Cheat Sheet and B2B Content Marketing white paper on benchmarks, budgets, and trends from the amazing content marketers at MarketingProfs and Junta42!

While content marketing is growing, the chance of it becoming the primary method for companies to advertise is pretty low.  Here is the infographic:

Content Marketing Infographic by Marketo

Via Column Five for SOURCE

Attention to those in the business of providing social media marketing services and inbound marketing agencies:  The number of companies which have increased budgets for outsourced services is negligible.  The graph does not show the ratio of in-house vs. out-sourced when indicating an increase in spending for "both" and more research is needed to understand the real demand for outsourced services.

According to the research which is shown on the infographic, over a third of the companies find the biggest challenge is "producing engaging content".  Finding a fix for this challenge can be a potential service opportunity.

inbound marketing agency data

A challenge for the entrepreneur is how to compete side by side with large companies while on a tight budget with a smaller team.

Inbound marketing gives small businesses without deep pockets the opportunity to connect directly with buyers.

While traditional marketing may continue to dominate the budget, content marketing is increasing its importance in the marketing plan and has small businesses going head to head with large corporations.  Who wins will depend on more than the size of the budget.

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