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Create Twitter Infographic with Tweet Graphic Explorer

Tweet Graphic Explorer takes your tweets and creates an infographic automatically.  Add this Twitter for Business tool to your analytics arsenal.  The results show a visual summary of what your Twitter topics are focused on. 

Note:  While this works in Chrome and Firefox, Internet Explorer may have trouble.

Tweet Graphic Explorer created one for @michaelhartzell.  Click on the infographic to see a larger version and make your own.

tweet topic explorer resized 600

tweet topic explorer 2 resized 600

This is what Inbound Marketing is about.

Creating something that others will find valuable enough to share and link to voluntarily.  Knowing an up-and-coming programmer might help. 

If you are using Twitter and your chatter does not reflect your business identity well, you are missing the boat.  Why are you "talking" (tweeting) about those things which are not relevant to your business (or interests)?

This tools will quickly show your primary topic and have you thinking twice before using automated tools to tweet chatter which does not support your mission, vision or business success.

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