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Hungry or Guarded AKA Inbound or Outbound

The solution to business success is:  Wake up and start marketing more.  Be original.  Be unique and unbelievable.  Walk to the beat of your own drummer.  Show your passion and have a vision.  It's easy to do when you have someone who tells you how to act and how to think.

Then you read another one of Seth's articles.  He does not use SEO or keywords.  He writes.  Amazing.  It would appear that he listens to realities around the universe and shares his opinion.  Nothing more and nothing less. His opinion includes logic, common sense and a bit of psychology, wrapped within metaphors for paradigm shifts.

Thoughts turned into action become writing; and when posted for others to read, move mountains.  When you read wisdom shared by someone who has taken action after spending his day thinking, it is difficult to dig deep and have something more to offer.  Seth says it well; what more is there to think?  or Write?

Reading Seth's blog daily might actually lead a person to stop thinking because you know tomorrow Seth will have more answers before the questions are even asked.  Is it possible that lazy thinking might be a symptom of Seth overload? 

Mind you, my recommendation is not to stop reading Seth's blog.  I am throwing a challenge, though.  Too much of such wisdom which flows freely will weaken the mind.  Without application, trial and error, and success; all that is left is "repeating" what someone else thinks.  "If someone says it then it must be true" is NOT a good way to be unique and original.  (Even from a genius like Seth Godin.)

An example is below.  I am about to repeat the wisdom shared on Seth's Blog.  Seth breaks down marketing into two separate categories and writes about them in his article today.  This may be the only article an entrepreneur needs to read for the next three months.  Cobwebs may clear and simplicity might leave saying "there must be more". 

It is named Hungry or Guarded.  What you have heard in webinars, books, blogs and presentations can basically be summarized in the blog post. 

Here is how it starts:

seths blog inbound outbound marketing

Once you have read Seth's blog Hungry or Guarded, coordinating a team and creating an action plan is high on your to-do list.

The team must know the focus.  The solo-preneur is still a team (of one).

What is the product? 

What is the service?

If potential buyers are guarded and block messages, there is a good chance that hype, repetition, timing, referrals, broadcasting and outbound marketing is the method.

If they are hungry and searching hard for your product or service, then inbound marketing may be the best method.

How does the calendar look?  Will it be filled with product creation focused on catching attention and then converting?  Will it be focused on keyword research to get found and then convert?

The common theme for both methods is:  TITLES. 

Regardless of the method or whether the people are hungry or guarded, titles are a key ingredient and the decision point.

While understanding the persona of the buyer and whether they are Hungry vs. Guarded is an absolute, taking steps to put it in motion is another matter.

To start the conversation, use the PersonalBrain.  Brainstorming, organizing, mind mapping and coordinating a team with PersonalBrain software will help take you to the next step.  I never go through a day without using PersonalBrain.  It is at the core of my planning and organization.

If you are guarded to this idea, maybe "free" will help. Download it free

If you are hungry and want to take advantage of the full power, you will want to upgrade.

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