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Faster Faster Faster Internet for Broadcasting Your Own TV Channel

comcast 105Mbps resized 600Yesterday, Comcast raised the bar for over 40 million homes which have Comcast internet service.  They will be able to sign up for Comcast Extreme 105. This is the Comcast offering which will provide users a 105Mbps download speed and a 10Mbps upload speed. The service has been marketed since last year, and it now looks as though Comcast is ready to implement the service.

Test your Internet speed to see how significant the new service speed would be to your business.

test your internet speed resized 600

How will the dramatic increase in Internet speed change the daily activities of consumers?

Considerations are:

Cloud computing for business.

Gamer addiction.

Skype and other Internet phone services.

The merge of TV and Internet.

Broadcast your own TV Channel:









Live TV broadcasts on the Internet might be an alternative to having a live webinar.  The live broadcast tools are free.  Most of the services include the ability to interact with a chat box (for questions) and record the event for viewing later.

Slower Internet speeds have hindered quality broadcasts in the past.  Few have wanted to include choppy, stuttery and inconsistent video streams in their marketing plan.  The higher end resources work well but the investment is not always in the budget for small business owners or non-profit organizations.

Events, sports, fundraising auctions, recogntion, training, and meetings are but a few places Internet TV can be helpful.

This news on CNET may be just another headline, or it may be an announcement of a greater opportunity to be more productive, improve marketing, go global and ride the tech wave.

A recent guest blog by Mari-Lyn Harris covered the topic of videos:  Using Online Videos for Marketing by Mari-Lyn Harris.

The evolution of Internet will turn people to watching TV on the run.  Say goodbye to couch potatoes.  Say hello to head down and walking into walls.

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