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Go ahead and email prospects a second time

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What is considered email spam?  How many times can email be sent to a prospect?  You have chosen the best email service, you have finished inbound marketing training and you are hoping to conquer the world or change the community with your product or service.

At what point is sending an email considered to be spam according the rules?  When does the CAN-SPAM law apply?  How does an entrepreneur stay persistant and passionate and yet comply with the law?

Jenny Vance, the President of Leadjen, provides the answer to these questions along with a few tips on BtoBOnline.

Is it OK to email a prospect a second time?

April 13, 2011 - 2:16 pm EDT

Persistence often pays, especially when it comes to lead generation and sales. So it's not unusual to want to send a second email to a prospect, especially if a first email and follow-up phone calls haven't worked.

From a CAN-SPAM point of view, continuing to email-blast a large list multiple times isn't a good idea. If you are trying to reach individual prospects, however, sending a second email can offer a convenient communications channel.

The key is to make sure the second email is in close proximity to telephone attempts. If you wait too long to follow up after leaving a voice mail message, the perception will be that you're only emailing the prospect.

When developing content for a second email, there are a few recommended practices that will deliver ....  read rest of article.

Jenny Vance is president of LeadJen (www.leadjen.com), a b2b lead-generation company.

Email is a part of the inbound marketing process and continues to be a primary tool for business communication. 

What is "ok" to say in email marketing?  How can an email be more personalized?

With so many search options, it is easier than ever to find small bits of information.  Social media, Delicious, search engines and specialized search engines specific for people give hints as to who someone is. Two examples are Pipl and Spokeo.  They are both very popular people search engines.  Before sending out an email, taking three minutes to search helps you get to know more about the prospect and how to be relevant.

How can it be known whether a "no response" is the result of falling into junk or too many emails?  There is no foolproof system to know for sure.  Nor can it be known how direct snail mail is handled. For snail mail, there remains a certified letter with signature required or possible Federal Express envelopes.  Do not leave out snail mail outbound marketing when creating a marketing campaign.  Combine direct mail with online marketing by using a unique landing page with a video, slideshow or infographic.

Today you can make a quick personalized video, upload it to a private hosting site such as Screencast, embed the video into a page on a blog or website and then invite the prospect to listen to your two minute introduction.

Screencast is free.

Guerrilla marketing is about "know you, like you, trust you" and email falls a bit short unless you can offer something as enticement. 

Is video the answer?  In almost all cases, email follow up will be included.  Blasting emails is risky and yields a lower return rate.  Personalized email after doing the homework gets it done.


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