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Business Technology Video: The Evolution of Mobile

Business Technology News:  Vodafone brings you The Evolution of Mobile using cutting-edge 3D Projection techniques.  This is the first small-scale projection mapping installation using a hand-held camera.  The video The Evolution of Mobile starts from the Motorola brick phone through to the first text message and colour screen to GPS and Android.

Source:  www.vodafone.com

The question is, what's next?

If technology brings changes too quickly, the entrepreneur says:  WAIT.  It makes little sense to buy the latest gadgets and software to help achieve business success only to upgrade every 90 days.  Time is precious.  Constant change, training and investment into upgrades is unwise.  (Unless the business foundation is based on technology or competition is very stiff.)  While the 5 Essentials to Business Success include having the latest and greatest technology, understanding ROI is a mandatory part of the process.  Jumping the gun with technology purchases can just as easily weaken the pocket book and create a new type of slave: "the Slave to Learning Technology."

The video shows an evolution over time.  At what point does the entrepreneur make the next buy? 

At what point will the number of consumers having a more sophisticated mobile device outnumber those with the simpler versions? 

Who will come out on top in the mobile phone world?

The latest news forecast shows Google Android will own largest market share.

anroid windows phone resized 600

The news article in PCWorld today says Android will be the winner with Windows based systems coming in 2nd by 2015 on top of Apple in 3rd place and Research in Motion 4th.

Projections for marketshare:

Android:  39% in 2011

Microsoft:  5% in 2011 to 20% in 2015

Apple: 19.4% in 2011 to an estimated 17.2% in 2015.

Read full article here.

How and where people spend their money will determine how the website will be viewed and the websites that win online will be easier and faster loading.  The smaller screens, the new touch screens and slower speeds in mobile vs. a PC will put pressure on how a website is designed.

Web designers... pay attention. Fancy graphics become less important.

Programmers... now is the time to adjust the heading.

Guerrilla marketers... watch carefully how people change the way they communicate.

Business owners...  understand how to measure ROI for traditional marketing in the new world of mobile.

... set up a system to test new marketing on a small scale to stay ahead of the competition and create less dependence on those with theories vs. the facts.

Now for the good news:

Android based computer tablets have been out for a while.  Before investing in a more expensive model, buying a tablet in the secondary market can be a good starting place.

A tablet can be purchased for less than the cost of a new phone.

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