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Inbound Marketing Results

Does inbound marketing work?  Below is a video with search statistics, a graph which shows the organic traffic results for the last 15 months using inbound marketing, and a recent news article which talks about smart companies investing millions of dollars into a company committed to inbound marketing.

This graph shows 15 months of continuous organic search results growth:

inbound marketing results

Inbound marketing has several moving parts and includes blogging, social media and SEO to get found.   Getting found is not the only objective but certainly is the first step.  This website and blog use Hubspot software.

To make the point further, the video shows statistics which emphasize how people have changed the way they shop.

Given the fact that people use the Internet to buy even when the final purchase is made offline in a retail store, it makes sense to include inbound marketing in any marketing plan.  (Even a retail store or restaurant.)

Lastly, recent news about new investors into Hubspot is an indication that others believe that inbound marketing not only has value but are willing to invest into Hubspot software which is specifically designed for Inbound Marketing.  See Sequoia, Google Ventures, and Salesforce.com Invest $32 Million in HubSpot.

inbound marketing results2

Has the original question been answered?  After reviewing the results of this entrepreneur in a graph, a video with statistics showing buying habits of a new culture along with the news article about smart companies who are willing to invest into the concept; are you curious?

Want to take the Hubspot software for a test drive?  Sign up for a 30 day free trial.

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