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How to make a catch phrase and bonus video

If an entrepreneur has a simple catch phrase that has a message bigger than life, it just may get a life of its own.  The catch phrase in and of itself will never be enough since they are usually attached to a story or a powerful vision.

"Getting Things Done" has been a mantra, a catch phrase and purpose which David Allen has at the forefront of every message.

"Knowledge Empowers so Learn and Teach" is a personal mantra and could be considered a catch phrase in certain circles.

To inspire your own catch phrase here is a video by exophrine.  How many do you recognize of the 150 catch phrases?  Notice that without understanding the story behind them, the phrases would have less meaning.

This celebration of various lines and catch-phrases from the history of film, past and present will hopefully inspire you.

If you have not yet coined a catch phrase, is it time to turn off the radio and TV, and take notes about what you find yourself repeating each day?  Break it down to the very basic elements.

What is the story behind the phrase you choose?  Why is it important?  How does your catch phrase represent how you are hoping to conquer the world or change the community?

There is little doubt that when you find it, others will begin to repeat your catch phrase as well.  It will strike a chord because your vision will be encapsulated within a few short words.

SMink = SMile and Think at the same time.™

Like it?  Share it!

Social media speeds up the process of sharing and getting feedback.  Everyone is working hard to share their "nothing important chit-chat" vs. their vision.  Instead of sharing a catch phrase, they say "like me on Facebook". This is sad.

What is your catch phrase that may end up in the movies some day?

"I'll be back".

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