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Using Online Videos for Marketing by Mari-Lyn Harris

Mari-Lyn Harris asks a provocative question about video marketing; gives an answer, shares data and presents an outline for what to consider when using online videos for marketing.


Using Online Videos for Marketing

By Guest Blogger - Mari-Lyn Harris

How would you like to increase your business by 200%?

Getting Leads, building your brand and communicating more effectively will have you considering video as a key essential.  Video is a HOT vehicle right now to use in your marketing tool box.

Did you know?

  • 80% of internet users have watched a video ad online - 52% took action after viewing the ad.  15% visited the store and 12% made a purchase.
  • According to Yellow Pages “With online video you can also reach a huge audience for a minimal investment, thus the ROI of online video marketing can be astounding.”
  • More than 50% of the US population will watch videos online next year. That’s 155.2 million people and that’s just in the USA!
  • According to Interactive Advertising Bureau “Increasingly, people are watching a lot of videos. Americans watched 9 Billion videos in just the month of July.”

According to TubeMogul.

Here is how you can use video in your marketing mix:

▪ More engagement with your current customers

▪ Share the message that you want to deliver

▪ Show a problem and solve it with a solution

▪ Give an offer

▪ Showcase your services, like a live presentation

Defining goals when using videos:

▪ How are you going to drive visitors to your site, or drive your readers into action?

▪ What do you want them to do?

▪ What are your messages supposed to do?

▪ What are you trying to convey?

▪ What is your script? Do you have one? Is there an attention getter?

Content considerations for video marketing:

▪ The message you want to deliver: a story, testimonial, real-life examples

▪ Product or demonstration

▪ Pictures, text or a taped video

▪ Before and after proofs

▪ A series of tips

Campaign performance:

▪ What do you expect from doing a video campaign?

▪ Do you have a Return On Investment in mind?  ROI

What kinds of ways can you use video?

▪ Follow-up's

▪ Testimonials

▪ Thank You's

▪ Subscriptions

▪ Promoting an event or cause

▪ Drip marketing

▪ Welcome messages

▪ Vlogging (video blogging)

▪ Newsletters

▪ In Blogs

▪ Birthday greetings

▪ Promotions - discounts, specials

▪ Brag about your customer of the month

What other ideas can you come up with?  How about inviting people to your party?  Or promoting someone?

I have used videos for:

▪ Delivering tips and how to’s

▪ Welcome messages

▪ Recommendations

▪ Thank you’s

▪ Sharing content in my newsletters

▪ Promotions for events and my causes.

▪ Relationship Marketing - by using a system that’s personable, people have an opportunity to get to know me..

▪ To increase my client relationships

▪ To attract more leads to my business

▪ In my blogs, guest blog posts/articles

▪ A way to get my message out to my audience

Using videos might be your secret weapon to jump ahead of what the competition is doing online.  There is plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs to be leaders in the marketplace by taking advantage of video marketing.


Written by Mari-Lyn Harris

Mari-Lyn is a Marketing / Relationships Specialist. You can find her at www.heartatworkonline.org or at www.facebook.com/heartatwork .

Give her a call at 510-564-7880.  She would love to help you start using video for your relationship building. Mari-Lyn is married and lives in Sedona, AZ.


Thank you Mari-Lyn for your tips and thoughts about video marketing online.  I am sure there are more questions and you will soon get a call or Facebook message for more help.

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