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Test Inbound Marketing With Snowflakes

Inbound marketing is a process of building business by getting found, converting and analyzing the results to adapt.  Switching paradigms to understand inbound marketing will be easier if you consider how people think by watching daily activities.  This will  emphasize why Guy Kawasaki says: 

"If you have more Money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing.  If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing." - Guy Kawasaki

In grade school we are taught early on how to fold a piece of paper up and use scissors to cut off corners and edges which then turns into a snowflake.  While every young student is instructed in the same manner by the same teacher, it is interesting to see how each student folds the paper in their own way and cuts slices and slivers to their own unique specification.

It is much the same when people are searching for answers, as they use their own combination of words and phrases.

In the old days there was a predefined category whether it be in the phone book or the library.  The Dewey-Decimal system was designed to catalog everything by numbers.  If one was willing to learn the system, finding a library book in a large library was a possibility.

In the library books and magazines can now be searched for by author, subject matter or title.

The library search system is "closed" to Internet marketers which means there is not the usual junk to filter.

Relevance becomes the most important factor when searching in the library database.  There is some confusion when titles of magazines and books don't always reflect the true nature of the content. 

Since the Internet is more than a library of reference materials, there will never again be a controlled search for static content.  The objective for search engines is to filter the junk and offer relevant results.  As long as Google, Yahoo and Bing continue to strive for excellent results, the importance of Inbound Marketing grows.

" ... change the mode of your web site from a one-way sales message to a collaborative, living, breathing hub for your marketplace." - Brian Halligan, CEO & Founder of Hubspot.

For the entrepreneur who still has a leg in the 90's and is unable to wrap their head around the inbound marketing concept, here is a place to start:

Family Feud is a TV game show which might express the reality of Inbound Marketing:  "Guess what the audience of a hundred people will say."  This is a simplistic example but makes the point.  What others say they are looking for is more important than your personal expertise about a product or service when executing an inbound marketing plan.

Family Feud is an American television game show created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. Two families compete against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey-type question posed to 100 people. The format, which originated in the United States, airs in numerous local formats worldwide (Wikipedia)

Instead of guessing like they do in Family Feud, a bit of research and testing is the best method.

What may change for many business owners is that a business can no longer be the one that decides what the consumer will think and say about their products.  With so many streams of communication flowing, there is rampant number of messages in a perpetual diologue which replicates and criss-crosses beyond the control of a company. 

Just as grade school students are thinking individually about their perception of what a snowflake is and how to express it with paper folding and cutting, so are conversations becoming even more diverse which may force many a brand specialist into using a crystal ball to plan ahead.

To push the entrepreneur or marketing expert further, the trend for how people search is changing as the hand held push button devices become more sophisticated and powerful.  The process for search is not so much by typing into the search box of Google.  Instead APPS become the tool which speeds up the process. 

By clicking a button a piece of software automatically gets it done.  It will get only easier to create an APP for mobile devices:

build a mobile app

When a dramatic change happened in 1973 with a graphical user interface on the computer screen, it changed how people used the computer.  The push button icons paved the way and inspired Apple.  

Inbound MarketingLearn more about the brief history of Computer Icons.

Here are the questions for an entrepreneur:

  • Do you have a pile of money to persuade the consumer about what to think about your product or service?
    • Or does spending money on "branding" for the long term seem like a black hole?
  • Are you sitting in an office referencing your own experience and background to dream up the next idea?
    • Or do you try to listen to what people are interested in and already talking about? 
      • What phrases and words do they use?
  • Are you watching the trend for how people communicate and buy?
    • Or are you consistently stuck about 3 years behind the curve?  (Always too late?)
  • Does your crystal ball say that a mobile APP is best way to connect with potential buyers?  
    • Or does the search box on the ever improving Google remain the best method for people to find your business?

If you believe that Inbound Marketing is the best method to get found, feel free to start your own Inbound Marketing Training.

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