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Bad Marketing Strategy for Business: "Like Me on Facebook"

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"Like me on Facebook" is seen over and over and become a marketing tactic for businesses offline and online.  Having a business planning meeting where the final decision will be to plaster "Like us on Facebook" everywhere is going to leave many businesses missing out on success with social media marketing.


The most common Twitter DM seen in my inbox as a very first introduction is: "Thank you for following me on Twitter.  'Like' us on Facebook too!"  A link is provided to pave the way.  Since I am not one to march rank and file but choose to wander in my own pastures, "ignore" is a best response.  A response of "Unfollow" may not be far behind and possibly "block" for those who are predators using hype via Facebook Pages.

He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt.  He has been given a large brain  by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.

- Albert Einstein Quote  (1879–1955)

Facebook "Like Me" is Everywhere:

When you hear on the radio and television:  "Like us on Facebook" or "Follow us on Facebook" and you see on a road side readerboard: "Find us on Facebook"; the marketing results will prove to be less than expected.  There is a surge for businesses to be a part of the Facebook phenomena which will improve the opportunity to connect with people.  Unfortunately, the consumer can quickly ignore or turn a business off with a click of the mouse.

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Easy and Meaningless for Consumers?

As a consumer, it takes little effort to "Like" something with a click.  It takes more effort to remember what they "Liked" even a day ago.  Even more effort is needed to read and then comment on a wall which is not a part of their routine. 

Considering that by now any consumer using Facebook may have liked literally hundreds of pages, how will they go back and check up on the updates for those many Facebook businesses?  No notice is sent to those who "Liked" a page except within the stream on their wall. (And then only if the business page is specifically checkmarked to include its newsfeed.)

New Touch Point for a Business?

As a business, I love the idea that many potential consumers will "Like" my business page.  Unfortunately, the visitor must more than just "Like" my business page by including me in their news stream.

To ensure those new "Fans" have updates regularly, the next phase for business using Facebook will be to reach out to those who are on the "Like" list via unique personal messages. 

A business can be "Unliked" as quickly and easily as they were "Liked".  This isn't like the mailing address where mail can still be sent.  A potential buyer can cut off the business with a click.

Pause and ponder.  What types of messages will motivate those previous "Likers" to say "No more!"?

There are a few benefits of accumulating Like's on Facebook.

  • Increased "Like"s on your business Facebook page allows the business to acquire new contact information from a potential customer and allows a view for their contacts. 
  • Some will argue there is the benefit of having better SEO results.   The SEO for "Liked" pages can build with enough quantity.


Social media tools for a business can be an extension of what a business stands for and how they operate.  A business which has a vision, is helpful, offers value and is interesting will also be so on social media platforms such as Facebook.  Or the business can be a dud.

Marginal Businesses Will Fail:

Wait and see.  Watch how the droves of businesses believe using the social media marketing tactic: "Like me on Facebook" will give up by the end of the year with this analysis: "Facebook is not helpful to marketing."

These businesses will be the ones that also struggle with understanding how to engage customers.  They are not service minded and instead of focusing on people.... focus on tasks.

Reality of Success vs. Failure:

  • A boring dud business offline will be a dud online on Facebook.
  • A self centered business which does push marketing will probably continue to do so with social media.  This will backfire.
  • A business with a team who does not like to engage with people much will consider Facebook as set of tasks instead of as a means to improve the quality of life for those who "Like" the business.
  • An online marketing person whose purpose it is to "sell marketing" on social media platforms with hype will have shorter relationships on Facebook.
  • If your business is already passionate about conquering the world and changing the community, then a Facebook business page will be one of many methods to connect with people to give service, listen and recognize awesomeness.

Stop asking for people to "Like" you.  It sounds like a little kid saying "like me, like me!".  Instead, introduce yourself and offer something "unbelievable" with a link. 

Here is a video showing how to set up a website page with a Facebook "Like" button.


Go to:   www.fastereasiersimplerfunner.com 

(Do you "Like" it?)  Let me know if you do!

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