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Chart Shows Competition is Spending More on Inbound Marketing

MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week
Marketing Sherpa shows how marketers are budgeting more for inbound marketing.

While the chart shows how marketers are budgeting more for:

  • Website
  • Search Marketing (SEO, PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Display Ads

... it is also interesting how more is being budgeted for

  • Telemarketing and Public Relations.

Since there are automated tools which auto-dial and/or send a recorded message, do you wonder if using automated tools is classified as "telemarketing"?

Can consumers and business owners expect to hear their phone ring more in the coming months?

Public relations is a very broad term and can also include press releases.

If you know there is a dramatic change in how and where your competition is spending their marketing money, do you keep up with the new trend or be contrary to the trend and stick to traditional marketing?

Since the graph from Marketing Sherpa shows that marketers are decreasing budgets with direct mail, broadcast ads and print ads, does that finally start a trend of less junk and improve the opportunity for an entrepreneur to be seen?

I believe that creating a synergy between offline and online marketing is necessary.  Depending too heavily on one method more than the other will limit business success.

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