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Screener Free Social Media Marketing Tool for Screencasts on Twitter

screenerlogoSocial media marketing with Screener empowers a business to make a video and share it online via Twitter.  There is nothing to download and works on both Mac or PC.  Screener is free.

Since each tweet has its own url, once the video is recorded and shared on Twitter, you can send the link to others via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Biznik. 

The purpose of a screencapture video can be used to create a "show and tell" when words are not enough.  What is tough to imagine can be simplified.


Concentrate on the goal of the message.  Not everyone is using Twitter and this tool is perfect since it does not require the person viewing the video to have a Twitter account.

Anyone can watch whether they have a Twitter account or not.

Watch the video.  If you have ever been stuck with trying to explain something and you are a low tech person, you will love this tool as it allows you to easily record and share your screen.

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