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How Big is the Internet Infographic

In summary: 

The presence of your business on the Internet is shrinking even as you read this.  As the Internet expands exponentially, it becomes more important to have websites which are extremely focused and connected.   To be connected requires inbound links.  To stay focused and authoritative may require expert authors.

If the size of the Internet is growing rabbits, what can ensure being found?

Books  (In any form)

Wiki  (Wikipedia but more specific to industry or niche)

Apps  (Which is in essence push button Internet)

Team Websites  (Teams of experts increases quality and quantity of content)

Forums (Continue to be a reference with Q&A solutions.)

Blog platforms are already morphing into more than a blog with variations in software.  Wordpress themes are becoming so varied that another layer of learning is required to harness the power.

In the meantime, software services such as webs.com and yola.com continue to build on all in one solutions which are free and low cost.

The more advanced entrepreneurs need a solution which greases the wheel to success more quickly.  Hubspot allows the experts of a company to blog, create landing pages, research competitors, get found, acquire leads, analyze and never miss a mention with social media tools in an all-in-one software as a service. 

If the size of the Internet has more website pages than people on the planet, how will your business be found? 

The answer lies in this question:

"How are you planning on conquering the world or changing the community?"

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