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Garious for Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is the topic and automation is the question.  Garious is a social media tool that lets you build lists of updates and generate multiple flexible schedules for almost every social network that exists.  After the recent blog article which showed marginal online retail results with social media, many are thinking about ROI and getting more done in less time. 

Garious may be the tool to save time and yet remain active online.  Garious has both a free plan and a paid plan.  The free plan includes ads.  Garious can be set up in minutes and the website does an excellent job of guiding the new user through the process.  After a few moments of trial and error the light bulb comes on and your system is set up.

Other social media tools let you schedule one message at a time.  There are even a few that let you build lists, but you still need to schedule exactly what time to send the messages in the right time zone. To top it off, you have to do it in a way that appears as natural as a real person posting those updates.  This tool lets you fake your way through the day and lets others believe that it is really you typing hard to stay connected.  A benefit?  Or high risk?

The puzzle: 

If the goal is to build relationships and if the purpose is to connect and engage people directly, then how does such a tool as Garious improve relationships?

How far can an entrepreneur go with automation before it backfires? 

The flip side of the coin relates to the time and energy available each day to connect with potentially thousands of people.  The impossible task of having conversations with each and every person leads more popular small business owners to automation.

Is automating Twitter posts or Facebook acceptable?  Or does it compromise your social media ethics?  (Is there such a thing as social media ethics?)

The answer lies within the vision of each entrepreneur.  Life without a bit of automation would have the world using horse and buggies. 

This year the goal is to get twice as much done in half the time.  Without push button tech tools to save time while staying personal, the world may pass us by. 

Is Garious a tool to add to the guerrilla marketing arsenal?  Or does it stray too far from personalization?

First watch the video.  Sign up for a free account and give it a spin.  I look forward to seeing feedback in the comment section below.

When it comes time to implement a plan which includes Garious, you will want to think about inbound marketing training.  Success is dependent on more than a new software program. 

If you are ready, start your inbound marketing training today.

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