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Hubspot - Been There, Done That, So They Double Down

If you Google "Inbound Marketing & HubSpot State of the Union", you will find videos which highlight the best of Hubspot.

hubspot doubling down

The Inbound Marketing based business Hubpsot is doubling down on R&D.  It is unusual for a company to basically throw down the gauntlet such a transparent style and say to the competitors:  "This is what we are doing.  Good luck as you trail behind because we are stepping on the gas."

It is similar to the movies where James Bond flips a little switch which injects a special rocket fuel into the engine leaving the bad guys in his exhaust.  At that point James would have a clever remark like:  "Sorry about the second hand smoke."

The goal of Hubspot is to be the secret weapon (which is not so secret) and give their customers an unfair business advantage with Inbound Marketing.

As you watch the video below, Brian Halligan shares the story of the American Revolution and how the yet to be Americans were out-numbered and out-gunned but because they had a special weapon were able to out-manuever the British army.

If you are not yet using a marketing tool online which will help you have an unfair advantage, watch the video and consider how you can compete.  You will hear Brian Halligan share honestly about the concept, how there is room for improvement, and how Hubspot customers have double digit monthly lead growth and have generated 2.4 million leads since January 2010.

As a Hubspot customer, my leads increase each month and so the website and blog you are reading here is one of the many testimonials to support what you will see in the video.

Here is Brian Halligan, co-founder of Hubspot sharing the past, present and future goals of the award winning company:

The video is 46 minutes long but well worth the time.  Get your pencil and paper ready because Brian will challenge the status quo. 

How can any business be so focused on listening and adapting to the needs of their customers with such fervor?

Which of our businesses is willing to be so transparent about successes, failures and future plans to dominate the marketplace?

James Bond would be proud.  (All five of them.)

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