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The 50 Most Popular at Website Magazine for 2010

Website Magazine offers great references for the entrepreneur on the go.  This resource is offered as a substitute to those who believe the best information is from their email inbox.  The email inbox is full of "this won't wait", "ends in 24 hours", "only 4 more left".  A part of our minds wants to believe in people and certainly a small click doesn't hurt.  After 20 then 30 clicks an hour has slipped by. 

With each click and tick-tock of the clock, business success slips away slowly with no pain.

Since Website Magazine's goal is to monetize from advertisements, they must offer the kind of content which will keep you interested and coming back for more. 

Website Magazine has recently listed 2010's Top Content.  Here are the first 12 articles.

2010's Top Content at WM

  1. Digg is Deadd
  2. Here Come the .CO Domain Extensions
  3. 100 Retweet Targets for Web Professionals
  4. Top E-Commerce Apps for Facebook
  5. Five Mega Inspiring Website Designs
  6. What Facebook Can Do For Your Business
  7. Groupon's Gap in Judgment
  8. 23 Must-Have Chrome Extensions
  9. 11 Inspiring and Appropriate Logo Designs
  10. Three Highly Effective Home Pages - What We Can Learn
  11. Flipboard Shows us the Future of Content
  12. Big List of SEO Software

To read the whole list click here

Website Magazine's approach seems to be a good fit for small business owners who have a need for research snacks.  Having the ability to snapshot or scan a page allows an entrepreneur to keep moving and yet keep up with marketing online.

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