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Silent Monks Singing Halleluia Video

The silent monks singing Halleluia make us SMink = Smile and Think at the same time.  (tm)

Which is the most powerful form of communication?


Body Language?


Sure enough you know this already

  1. Body language is the most powerful.
  2. Tone is second on the list for influencing.
  3. Words are last.

A silent monk still communicates to others.  The video above proves this to be true.  They communicate passion, belief, discipline, dedication and faith. 

Many times an entrepreneur will try to anticipate the problems and be proactive.  When communication is of high importance, Tweet, LinkedIn, email and even mail will not be enough.

Certainly the option to bring flash cards to a meeting has already proved to be effective in the right hands.  The silent monks in the video were in this case the right hands (after hours and hours of practice).

The take away:

Are the words more important or is it how the message is presented?  Maybe your words are okay but once your passion is added, you will look like the silent monks in this video with energy, enthusiasm and the sound of the Tabernacle Choir.

What are on your flash cards?  What is the music you choose for someone else to share?  Is this how to think for marketing?

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