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Creating a Collaborative Enterprise book says bonus is unimportant

The book Creating a Collaborative Enterprise by Robert Nitschke can be found on Amazon.  Retooling your organization to dominate your market is not a new concept but Robert Nitschke has a different take on how to create the changes.

Robert Nitschke shares how to put the pieces of the puzzle together for a business and reviews the five w's. 

The book also talks about leaders of a Collaborative Enterprise (CE) and how bonus incentives do not influence decisions:

Collaborative Enterprise leaders are just that, leaders - highly motivate operational visionaries, committed to their industry and embracing accountability, maintaining an unwavering focus on execution and believing in the internal growth of expertise.  They are highly compensated, as they should be; but, usually they are not driven by personal wealth. 

A CEO recently shared this point by saying,

"In all my years of employment, I have enjoyed many bonuses; however, I would have done the exact same job WITHOUT them.  The financial reward of a bonus simply does not stimulate the individual, as most people believe it does."

The book goes on to say:

They (Collaborate Enterprises) are the organizations that understand how quality hiring, augmented by continuing education of their employee base, produces motivation.

Which is consistent with the mantra: 

"Knowledge Empowers so Learn & Teach"  (tm)

The book is quickly becoming a checklist for business success and possibly a checklist for evaluating the leaders on a team.

The time tables for creating a collaborative enterprise might take years.  It will be interesting to see the future takes shape in smaller organizations where an entrepreneur can shift gears more quickly.  The book challenges the status quo and certainly rattles a few cages of those more traditional thinkers.

Best selling author Daniel Pink has talked about motivation and why bonuses are not always the answer:

There is a similar theme in that both speak on knowing the culture and true motivation of the team.

You can buy the book on Amazon.  The link is below for your convenience to learn more about creating a collaborative enterprise. 

You can also find the book and blog at:


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