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Amazing Leap by Cisco Internet Routing in Space (IRIS)

Interneet in SpaceYour business may seem to be the most important thing on the earth.  Take a few moments to stay in touch with how Cisco has just revolutionized the Internet.

The Cisco Space Router took the leap into space.

This means that satellite communications may become smoother, faster and more reliable, eliminating the need for ground relays.  It also shows that satellites can be updated, meaning companies won't have to launch new ones into orbit every time they want to improve technology.  To watch the very important about Internet routing in space, click here.  (Note:  The video is NOT on YouTube, it is on their blog / website.)

Why is this important to an entrepreneur?

Investment of capital to learn technology needs to be considered more carefully.

To invest into a system which will be obsolete in 24 months may be unwise.  Companies will create a new widget or software and current technology will be left by the side of the road.

AOL used to be a paid service and had a big share of the marketplace.  (Remember the movie "You Got Mail"?)

Your task is to decide how often to review and consider the options.  Twice a year?  Who is on your advisory board?  Or are you part of a mastermind group which focuses only on the latest technology which might be helpful to the entrepreneur?

The five essentials to business success includes integrating the latest technology to keep business fast, efficient and unbelievable.  However, this is certainly not the most important piece of the puzzle for an entrepreneur and could easily distract, confuse and slow the business down.

Cisco has proven again that technolgy is moving forward like a rocket ship (literally).  Having a plan, an advisory board, a mind map tool and discipline to resist is better than responding to the salesperson with the latest gadgets.

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