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Crazy Cube Illusion Video - Trust but Verify

trustbutveriftyThings aren't always as they appear to be.  This rule especially applies to the Internet. 

No doubt, you have already integrated the rule:

"Trust but Verify"

into each and every aspect of your business.  To trust based on gut feel is a bit like tossing the dice.  While this might be fine for the little risks in business, not a wise choice when working with the big bucks.

This Crazy Cube Illusion video is a fun reminder of why things are not always as they appear to be:

Random thoughts to add as business succcess tips:

"Trust but Verify."

"Just because you say it's so doesn't make it so."

"One time is not success, it only proves it can be done."

"Patterns and Trends increase Fat And Trust."

"On the Internet, if it looks like a duck and acts like a duck does not mean it's duck."

Responding with:  "Interesting.  Can I get back to you on Monday with my response?" filters the garbage from the real.

"Never stop questioning,"  Albert Einstein

"Caution is not the answer to ensuring success, but certainly helps you keep your arms and legs attached along the way."

"The battle cry 'Go for it' does not mean to go into the fire without a hose, or a business without a plan and a team."

What words of wisdom does the video inspire you to share?

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