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Create a Facebook Business Page Vanity URL

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You may or may not know that once you hit 25 followers on your Facebook Business Page you can create what they call a Vanity URL which is a custom version of the URL they initially assign to your page.

To do this:
  1. Login to your personal facebook profile first.
  2. Then go to this URL: http://www.facebook.com/username/
  3. You will see 2 bits of info on your screen. The second bit says:
    • Each Page can have a username
  4. From the drop down list select your business page and you will be given a box where you can enter your business name or any variation of it.
    • Facebook will tell you if it is available.
  • Save and test!
How To Set Up A Facebook Fan Page

Should a business set up a Facebook Business Page?


Should a business have a representative at the local Chamber of Commerce?  You would think the answer is yes but so many entrepreneurs have a lukewarm attitude.

Should a business be involved with local community events?  Most will say "yes" but the follow-up and commitment goes no further.

Facebook is not a place, it is a tool.  It is a software platform where people can connect.  If there is little connection within a business, no interaction and reaching out to people is a task with no / low commitment, then maybe a Facebook Business Page is not the best way to go.   In some cases a Facebook Business Page may hurt the reputation.

If a business is already well connected with the community, a Facebook Business Page can magnify the best of the business.

At the very least, now you can test creating a Facebook Business Page. 

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