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How to make a form for leads with opt-in

The Internet becomes the tool for introductions with optin forms.  Create a valuable piece of information and call it an ebook, whitepaper or report and have visitors complete an opt-in forrm to gain access.

Each software tool gives instructions but putting two or three tools together might get confusing.

Here is a mini-map for how to make a form for leads with an opt-in.

how to create a form for leads with optin

Advice:  Take the high road.  Just as in the dirt world where people have the option to buy, look and learn without so much as a smile; offer visitors value with an option to introduce themselves ... or not.

Just because the Internet is a giant database does not mean you have to treat every person like a piece of data.

There is another faster, easier and simpler way to get this done.  Hubspot software is an all in one package.  Opt in forms, landing pages, tracking, email autoresponder, and much more.  If you are interested in learning more:  Hubspot Free Trial.  Landing pages and forms can be set up in minutes.

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