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Marketing Quiz

downloadBefore you can maximize your business in the 21st Century with the new tech tools and the Internet, you must first know what you believe.  The test for belief, of course, is "be willing to take action".

For instance: If you believe marketing for your business using direct mail is dead, it will matter little that I can show you new ways to do direct mail marketing that gets better results.  Those successful with executing guerrilla marketing ideas know that guerrilla marketing works 100% of the time when it is done correctly.

Another example:  If you believe the Internet is a fancy super phone book for people to find your name and number, then no amount of teaching you about Inbound Marketing will convince you that your business (and thereby, your life) can improve.  You  believe that most people find you via your business name and personal name. 

Do you believe: 

  • That free marketing is always the best marketing? 
  • Free information is the best information? 
  • A free workshop is the best workshop? 

If you do believe this then you are in luck.  I have another workshop coming up.  It is a free workshop for those in the Seattle - Tacoma area.

The free workshop is about what you believe.  Before you sign up and come to the free workshop on Wednesday Dec. 8th, it will be important for you to take a quiz about what you believe. 

There are events almost every day of the week on Biznik.  

Regardless of whether you are able to attend, this quiz will help you ask the right questions to improve your business and quality of life.

Answer yes or no:

  1. Do you believe the Internet is a simply a giant, super phone book and not much more?
  2. Do you believe that the typical person looking for you or your type of business goes first to the Internet?
  3. Do you believe that the typical person avoids the Internet and looks in the phone book first?
  4. Do you believe that having a website can make the phone ring more?
  5. Do you believe that having a website is only a necessary utility?
  6. Do you believe that you can learn everything on your own about how to use the Internet?
  7. Do you believe that having a website online is enough?
  8. Do you believe that you must know how to program or do coding to promote yourself and your business online?
  9. Do you believe that finding things on the Internet is difficult?
  10. Do you believe you offer unique and special products and services?
  11. Do you believe that the people who are searching on the Internet would be interested in your products or services?
  12. Do you believe it takes a lot of time to do social media marketing?
  13. Do you believe that it is important to use social media tools to connect with current and future customers or clients?
  14. Do you believe that having your business be found on the Internet will cost a lot of money?
  15. Do you believe that the Internet is a trustworthy place to do business?
  16. Do you believe that the Internet is full of people who are looking for solutions that you have the answer to?
  17. Do you believe that marketing your business, services or products online is a waste of time?
  18. Do you believe that the Internet can save you time, money and stress?
  19. Do you believe that the most common things people spend time with when on the Internet is:  Communication, Social Networking, News, Education, Entertainment and Shopping?
  20. Do you believe the Internet costs you money and is a gamble just like advertising in the newspaper, mail, TV and radio?
  21. Do you believe in unlearning that which is no longer usable or true and learning new ways to get things done?
  22. Do you believe that business cards and fliers are still enough?
  23. Do you believe the primary reason to use the Internet is communication?
  24. Do you believe that people search and find you on the Internet by your business name or personal name?

My Answers are at the very bottom.

To show you examples of great things happening on the Internet that you might not be aware of:

How do blind people use the Internet?  The Internet is a tool for everyone.

The Internet Addiction Test  Are you addicted to the Internet?

Skype for free calls, video conversations and screensharing with over 500 million users.

Visual Economics shows a graph about how the world spends its time online (based on the Neilson).

The most popular news websites  give you an understanding of what people are listening to.

If you believe in the principle:  Listen and understand what people are interested in, hang around where they hang, be relevant and offer value; then you will not be one of entrepreneurs who works harder than is needed.  

Here are my answers to the quiz above:

"No" to:  1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 17, 20, 22, 24

"Yes" to:  2, 4, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23

If your answers vary from mine in a big way, then you might want to spend a little more time conversing with me.  There are enough people who know their way around to challenge your paradigms.   You don't have to believe what I believe, but it is tough ignore how businesses are growing during even the tough times because they unlearn and learn over and over again.

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