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How to Build a Tree House in 3 Minutes

The lesson:  To sell a product or service, show the before and after. 

Watch closely.  You will learn how to build a tree house in three minutes.

Oversimplification, time-lapse photography, leaving out details, focusing more on attitude and less on skill can be the downfall of an entrepreneur who is attempting something new.

An entrepreneur looks at a treehouse, watches a video and says: "That's what I want."  Regardless of skill, education, or team, an entrepreneur makes a quick decision and goes for it.  An entrepreneur sees the possibilities and might have temporary blindness when looking at the obstacles.

This is both a blessing and a curse.

You can't build a treehouse in three minutes.  Tools, knowledge, a team, supplies, expertise and a plan are necessary to complete this project. 

If you are a buyer:

Today you will be approached by a business via another person or advertisement.  Their job is to sell you a kit.  The advertiser will show you, in under three minutes, how easy life will be once you buy their product or service. There will be details missing and  oversimplification, but surely the benefits will lure you into a state of: "Yes!"

If you are a seller:

If you are in business, you will approach people in person or as part of a marketing campaign.  Your goal is to show the before and after with your product or service.  Will you oversimplify, leave out details and say "Anyone Can Use This" or "No Skills Needed"?

How difficult is it?

If you need a reminder, buy a model airplane kit.  Get the directions out and begin to build.  The project will remind you of how under skilled, under tooled and short of patience you are.  A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle might serve as a reminder as well.  Even though you see the picture on the box, putting the pieces in place still takes time.

Guerrilla Marketing talks about "reality".  Is the goal to hype or is it to be real and relevant?   Geniune is the word of the day, reality is attractive in more than just TV shows.  How many hours will it take to learn, how many to execute, what tools are necessary, what are the benefits, is there a return on investment, is it teachable, and how many people will be needed are but a few of the considerations.

Inbound marketing is about getting found by those already looking for your product or service.  Once a potential buyer has found your business, helpful content which educates and inspires can be offered to ensure the buyer makes the very best decision. 

Inbound marketing is about putting what people are already looking for on a platter.  Low hype, high relevance.

Inbound Marketing training here.

Your test of the day:

You will have lunch in a restaurant or cafeteria today.  Someone in the building is on their laptop looking for YOUR product or service.  How odd this is since you are in the same room and could simply shout out:  "I have the solution you are looking for."

How do you, as an entrepreneur, get it done?  Call me.

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