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Banner Marketing

Here is a step by step analysis for banner advertising.

Find a place where there is plenty of traffic.

Take a banner and do more than just hold it.  Be entertaining, fun, energetic and show your personality.  Personalize by waving to specific passerbys, and absolutely have pride and confidence.

Online banner advertising also relies on traffic.

Does banner advertising "work"?  Each business must analyze the opportunity but in all cases.... traffic is the first goal.

The banners at the top of this blog are for two sponsors I rely on heavily.  Both Animoto and The Personal Brain are tools I use daily.  They are not just "banners" or advertising, they are testimonials to greatness.

Does sign spinning work for marketing?  Does banner advertising?

It might get attention for a moment:

It is tough to believe that banner spinning will create action.

On the other hand, a short term limited message like "now hiring" placed directly in front of the business might gain attention.

The real question might not be related to whether a spinning banner works. Instead I would ask:  "Who would or could do this as a job?"  How many hours can someone maintain high energy and spinning?

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