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Wordtracker SEOBlogger Firefox Add-on Keyword Tool

Keyword selection is essential to having success online.  Hubspot provides a keyword tool and you can test it in a free trial.  In the works at Wordtracker Labs are two tools:  Keyword Questions & SEO Blogger.

wordtracker labs

SEOBlogger is interesing:


  • Download SEO Blogger and start using immediately
  • Save time – no need to go off to do separate keyword research
  • Use with absolutely any blog publishing software
  • Stay focused – concentrate your research only on the post you're writing
  • Compare keywords instantly to find out which ones pack the most SEO punch. (For example, should you write an article about "sustainable buildings" or "green buildings"?)

Automatically track how many times you've used each chosen keyword in your post.

Here is a great video which talks about the basics for how to think about keywords, your market and the process for keyword selection.

SEO Blogger is easy to learn and has simple step by step instruction.  Give it a try.

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