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What an Idiot

At a recent party, the crowd gathered in smaller groups just as it happens at any event.

As four of us were in the middle of a deep conversation, an idiot walks up and says: "Hi, How are you all doing?  Great party, don't you think?"

While we would have preferred to continue the conversation, we paused, opened up a space very slightly and nodded in his direction.

A very small nod was his signal to turn it up as he went on: 

"How's things?  It sure is cold, isn't it? The economy sure sucks but I bet the voters will get out to vote soon, don't you think?  That's OK because MY business is doing great!  I can't believe how much I have sold last month, how about you?  Is your business OK?  Can I show you how to do it?  Do you need help?"

The questions one after another with no pause for answers sent the message:  "I don't want to hear the answer, I just want to hear myself talk."

This guy was an idiot and the four of us were still waiting to get back to the important conversation.

What would you do? 

Tell him he is an idiot?  Ignore him?  Pretend to be interested with one word responses?  (Or grunts?)

The danger is that now he has social media tools which enables him to extend his idiocy around the globe 24/7, 365 days a year.

This young man is interruptive and a danger to real productivity and success.  He is not the only one with interruptive marketing tools in hand.

Maybe labeling him as an idiot is too harsh?  We could take a more positive view and think: 

"It's too bad this young man has no clue how to listen first, understand the current conversation, evaluate whether he has skill or knowledge to add to it, and think about others before himself."

Yes, that's it.  His journey has not yet given him the opportunity to learn how to listen, understand and add value.  This is unfortunate because there is a good chance that the people he has contact with will think to themselves:  "What an idiot."  What a shame.

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