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The Most Valuable Blogs in America Show How to Blog for Business

Gawker Properties

Gawker Properties

huffington post

Huffington Post

drudge report

Drude Report

Pop Sugar Media

PopSuger Media

Mac Rumors

MAC Rumors

Cheezeburger Network

Cheezburger Network

perez hilton

Perez Hilton

SB Nation Network

B NationNetwork

funny or die

Funny or Die



seeking alpha

Seeking Alpha



Boing Boing

Boing Boing


Read Write Web

business insider

Business Insider

breitbart sites

Breitbart Sites

buzz media

Buzz Media




Slash Film

smashing media

Smashing Magazine


TPM Media

pitchfork media

Pitchfork Media








24/7 Wall St has more details.

With millions of visitors to these blogs, it makes sense to take a closer look before you take the leap to blog for your business.  This list of the 25 most valuable blogs in America offer more value to the entrepreneur than you may realize.

They are listed the most valuable to the least and if you look at the big picture, you will see a pattern.

News, entertainment, politics and technology stand out.

The blogs gain links by offering fresh, unique content.

Click on the photos to take a closer look.  Make a note of the more obvious elements.  You will notice that something they have in common is activity.  There is not simply one or two articles per week.

Another element is the value of the content.  The websites are not necessarily fancy nor do they all have fancy graphics.  Each blog is about creating fresh content and including photos or videos to add value.

Two more points: 

  • The 25 blogs are where people are hanging out by the millions. 
  • They offer a wealth of information.  Subscribing to a few via RSS will certainly help you keep up to date.  Instead of waiting for someone else to tell you what was on Mashable, skip the middle man.

If you are a big thinker, a networker, and have the ability to create collaborations; pulling the resources of many may be the way to increase visibility and readership.

There will be tens of millions new blogs started over the next year.  Look at the top blogs to take the best of what makes them a success.

Resources about blogging for business:  How to Blog Better

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