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Easy Online Business Success Tip for LinkedIn Users

This easy tip is for you if LinkedIn is an important method for connecting and keeping top of mind.  Business success depends on giving the right person the right message at the right time.  The automated system LinkedIn provides may be helpful.

This screenshot shows the top of a weekly email notification from LinkedIn.  It shows everyone in my Linkedin network and the changes or contributions they made on LinkedIn.

linkedin profile2 resized 600

If you take a look at the very top, it shows "Profile" changes made by those in my network.  It references them by name and the area of change.

The success tip is simple:  Every week, take 60 seconds to change something in your profile in a minor way.  The very smallest change and clicking the save button will do the trick.

As you scroll down the rest of the email notification, there is a list of people who have made changes, contributions and more specific information about what and where.

If you change the very top item (your profile), it puts your name in the notification right at the top.

Out of respect for those in my network, I have not shared their names in the screen shot. 

This email alert from LinkedIn can be turned off and on.  It is another way to listen to the buzz about what people are talking about.

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