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Questions and Answers on LinkedIn About Marketing via Hubspot

Below are questions being asked and answered on LinkedIn.  I found them via the Social Media Tool in Hubspot software.  Each day my Hubspot dashboard shows what is relevant based on the keywords I have selected.

social media tool

Clicking on the the titles of interest, I am able to follow up quickly.  With this tool, there is no "search" so little time is wasted on unproductive activities.  The social media tool also provides a button to click that will insert the question or title directly into a blog post. 

This integration between keywords, social media monitoring and blogging allows me to find a relevant subject matter (or person), connect and write a blog quickly.

Here you see a screen shot of the Social Media Tool inside Hubspot.  It is only one of many tools within the system.

hubspot social media tool

The goal is to listen better and connect with people who have a similar mindset, who have a particular need that coincides with my expertise or possibly to connect with someone who offers high value and potentially can provide services.  (No one can be truly successful operating as a solo-act.)

Below are questions on LinkedIn in the Q&A section.  Answers to these questions are judged and one is selected as "best answer".  "Best answer" then receives an "expert" rating. 

Here are questions the Hubspot software social media tool provided that refers to Inbound Marketing and creating a synergy between offline and online marketing:

There are tools to put the questions and answers relevant to your business directly into your inbox.  A program such as Hubspot integrates many software tools into one as it uses a keyword selection tool to point the way to those talking the about the brand, industry or phrases of interest.

If you are thinking that Inbound Marketing might be something you are interested in, here is where you can start your own Inbound Marketing Training.

The thousand dollar question:  "How much time do you spend each month searching for those who are talking about your brand, product, subject matter or beliefs?"

If you spend 1 hour a day searching for those to interact with, 20 hours a month are wasted.  As a business owner, there is no reason to value your time at the very least $50 / hour and that is on the conservative side.  Using that hour to produce income, products or on marketing activities is a better way to build a business vs. "searching".

What is the answer?  How much time is spent searching?  What is the solution? 

I believe Hubspot offers one such solution.  Let me know if you are interested, I will set you up for a 30 day trial.  (No strings) 

You are a few clicks away and it is all automatic.  Connect with me:

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