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Google News | Google Removes Organic Results in Local Tests

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Yesterday, for the first time, we saw a standard Google web search results page, without any standard web search results.   That is, a search for “car rental nyc” returned a Universal Results page showing a map alongside results from paid, local, and books categories (see screen shot below).  Not one standard organic result appeared on the first page of results.

(click image to enlarge)
google-local-web-search2 Google Removes Organic Results in Local  Tests

As it expands its Universal Results strategy, Google is testing lots of changes to their main search results page.  Most of the significant changes occur in searches that contain a localized search term (such as a city).

Read the rest of the article by Chris Boudreaux here:

Google Removes Organic Results in Local Tests


The evolution of every software program I have owned since 1980 has been both a blessing and a curse.  Software online vs. on floppy disks is still software and I expect change, how about you?

Will their ever be a day when we sit around the campfire wishing for the good old days ... when the phone book was the simple solution?  I remember when you could call 411 for free and have someone find what you were looking for.

Be sure to give Converseon a shout out and thank you.  (Don't be too hard on Google, they only handle a gabillion searches a day after all.)

Yahoo and Bing will join forces in a couple of weeks in regards to search.

No sudden decisions yet but my money is on SEO experts leaning to local services, pay per click and more innovative ways to get found.

Fortunately, I have Hubspot software and the team working diligently on the crystal ball.

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