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Forget About Social Media for Business and Marketing

Social Media for marketing is not top of mind for businesses.  Hot off the press from eMarketer:

Social media has increased its importance around the world, and while social network advertising continues to grow quickly in the US, spending in other markets is set to rise even faster. But brand marketers still don’t feel social media is the most effective way to reach their international audiences


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This causes a dilemna.  To follow the beat of your own drummer and maximize the opportunity others fail to see?  Or is it more important to pay close attention to this chart and follow the crowd with a local website, TV and print?

My guerrilla marketing instincts say to do both and create a synergy between the many resources. My guerrilla marketing gut says there is no "magic bullet" and combining the tools to connect with potential clients means that social media is another piece to the puzzle.  What do you say?

You can pick up the new ebook "The Reality of ROI and Social Media Marketing" to push you into the 21st Century.  It is a fast and easy read.

The reality of roi

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