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Consumers Use Search Engines Before the Buying in Retail

If you have an offline business in the "dirt world" then pay attention to the online search engines.  Before they head to your store, buyers are doing research online. 

From eMarketer:

Research conducted by Google Canada and OTX in March and published in June indicates that 81% of Canadian moms are searching for information before they head to the store. Search is their No. 1 online source, followed by email, maps, retailer websites and social networking sites.

leading online sources

The study “Canadian Moms Click for CPG” surveyed 4,896 women ages 18 to 75 in Canada including 3,806 moms to find that 76% indicated that search engines helped them learn more about consumer packaged goods (CPG). Those items include food items (grocery and fast-food), baby and childcare products, household and personal care brands, appliances and more.


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