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News and more news.  

Twitter Launching Official Tweet Buttons This Week [EXCLUSIVE]

This article from Mashable will tell you that Twitter will have their own Re-Tweet buttons.  You now see a TweetMeMe button at the top.  Maybe the reason not everyone rushes to the "new thing" is because they know the evolution in the first 24 to 36 months can become costly.  "Wait until the product and services are more stable and reliable" is what you will hear.  After all, to create a business success, you need to plan the future, train a team, execute and create the expected results.

Don't gauge success by the gusts of wind in the sail, watch for the consistent steady breeze.  (No, don't stick your head in the sand either.)


  By Ben

How Do I Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Time?

Now this is news!  Why?  Morale of course.  If you are a supervisor who has difficulty gaining cooperation, then all you have to do is challenge them to Rock, Paper, Scissors.  When you begin to win EVERY TIME, they will respect you more.

It sounds silly.  The articles is ReTweeted 270 times and "Liked" on Facebook 92 times as of this writing.  To share such a thing could be an indication of what people are appreciating and so might be a way to gain their cooperation.

Or you can buy a book on Amazon for under $10 to learn how to build high morale in the workplace.



Study: Social Media Takes On Email

by Laurie Sullivan


Here is a theory:

If there was no talk about social media in the media and no graphs, charts, news talking about how social media was popular, then social media would not gain popularity as quickly.  More want to follow, like, and network (and profit) since there is an appearance of activity.  The more talk there is, the more people want to know.  It is in evolution.  Watch the trends and patterns carefully.

Remember AOL?


Nanopartikel schleusen Wirkstoff in Krebszellen ein

This news story has a point you will soon understand.  It is hot off the press from NanoWerk.com.  The website focuses on Nano Technology.  According to Alltop this is one of the most popular stories in the Nanotechnology category today.

Here is why this is important:  It is not in English.

It could be this most popular article about nanotechnology is about your water, clothing or maybe your medical.

You can read it with a little help.  http://babelfish.yahoo.com will  translate it for you with little copy and paste.


Did you invest heavily into a re-tweet button?  Did you use to lose frequently at Rock, Paper, Scissors?  You thought investing more into email vs. social media would fix your sales issues didn't you?  You probably can't read about the very popular article about Nano-Technology that will change the world.  

It is lucky I was here today for you.

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