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Twitter Statistics from eMarketer


The puzzle with statistics:  Who do they matter to?

ExactTarget and eMarketer are both great companies.  Their charts and graphs go deeper than most will use.

This is a chart of "activity" but not sales.  If we can assume that because there is more sharing, clicking, commenting and "liking" going on, there will be more who click on "buy". 

If there is more activity online by Twitter users, wouldn't this also mean they are on the edge of "passionate" about the virtual world?  While it does not mean that Twitter users are more powerful or bigger buyers, it could mean that those on Twitter are more skilled and knowledgeable about how to get it done online.  If you want to know how things work online, you may have better success with someone who also uses Twitter. 

One chart on its own is not enough.  Click on the chart and read more.

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What does the chart tell you?

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