Business in limbo: Book Launch 2.0 video

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Thu, Jul 22, 2010

Is it time for you book launch?  Every author has multiple resources and advice.  Every business owner is a walking talking book.  Every book launch has a mind boggling number of choices to create a marketing plan and get the word out.  Every corner has an "expert" or service.  Every friend or associate offers advice as a "street expert".  Don't you wish the path was more clear and everyone was required to wear a label showing their expertise and trustworthiness?  (It appears the Internet is already heading that direction.)

I love this video.  It tells a story, sends a message and makes an invitation.  This video makes a very relevant point:  Who do you trust and what are you doing?  It will make you SMink = Smile and think at the same time.

Do you want to learn how to overcome the barriers?

Here is an option:

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