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Video for Business not working? Video Marketing is for the Birds

Odd, I don't remember seeing any videos for your business.  If there are a record number of videos being viewed, why are video cameras not being flipped open at every opportunity?  I realize we all hate to see ourselves on video as much as the sound of our voice on a recording, but there are always reasons to celebrate, recognize, reward or make a point, don't you think?

While the number of videos people watched is increasing, it might be as a result of the artists who understand this better than ever before.  Hollywood and the music industry have kicked into gear and changed the direction of their production.

Here is information from www.comscore.com

Internet users watched nearly 34 billion videos in May, with Google Sites ranking as the top video property with 14.6 billion videos, representing 43.1 percent of all videos viewed online. YouTube accounted for the vast majority of videos viewed at the property.

Hulu ranked second with 1.2 billion videos, or 3.5 percent of all online videos viewed.

Microsoft Sites ranked third with 642 million (1.9 percent)

Vevo with 430 million (1.3 percent)

Viacom Digital with 347 million (1.0 percent).

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties* by Videos Viewed
May 2010
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore Video Metrix
Property Videos (000) Share of
Videos (%)
Total Internet : Total Audience 33,950,891 100.0
Google Sites 14,628,095 43.1
Hulu 1,174,844 3.5
Microsoft Sites 642,027 1.9
Vevo 430,257 1.3
Viacom Digital 346,755 1.0
Yahoo! Sites 336,314 1.0
CBS Interactive 333,189 1.0
Turner Network 331,897 1.0
Fox Interactive Media 328,492 1.0
Facebook.com 245,120 0.7

*Rankings based on video content sites; excludes video server networks. Online video includes both streaming and progressive download video.

Source: comScore Video Metrix

Here is my contribution to the millions of videos already online.

Doesn't it seem a bit like you are in a crowd among the other birds trying to get your share?  You can't tell them apart and they are all going after the bird food that will soon disappear.

Stop.  Why are you waiting for another to say:  "Hey, look over there!  More bird food!"  Then everyone rushes over to see, look, peck, watch and try to get a share.


Where does business come from?  The messenger that says: "Look over there" is probably not the original source nor are they the expert.  They simply repeat it (after filtering and trimming).

The video above is an original. 

You know there are videos being watched.  You know people have needs.  You know you are an expert on something.  Is that enough for you to put the three of them together?

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