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Flexible Office Rentals for Sammamish, Bellevue, Issaquah & the World

The 21st century offers a flexible office rental space at Meadow Creek Professional Center for any location including:  Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue and the world.  No longer are you limited to having a space where all of your staff are in core office.  You can hire an executive in Sammamish, WA and have them work in an office near their residence and they can work virtually in a professional business center which provides everything including the kitchen sink. 

In fact, if you are expanding your business to an area where you do not yet have a presence, using Meadow Creek Professional Center for a virtual office provides the services such as mail, telephone, meeting rooms, business offices, and much more.

Maybe it is time to rethink how you have the team all committed to commuting 90 minutes to a central location only to communicate by email, text, file sharing and phone when each could improve efficiencies and devote more of the day to production by utilizing a more flexible office space for your small business.

While you can contact Anna and learn more about how to create a leaner and more efficient business in the heart of the Pacific Northwest Washington, you can also make your own professional video such as the one above in about 20 minutes. 

How?  Animoto

Share your photos, send a message, tell a story.  Animoto is one tool I rely on heavily.  There is a free version available.  The video I made above which offers a link at the end along with other features is the Pro version. 


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