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Best Business Success Tip from Jay Abraham video with Stephen Pierce

Seems strange that you can turn to Google and have an business expert Jay Abraham offer advice without so much as a dime.

Business optimization specialist Stephen Pierce interviews marketing wizard Jay Abraham (of The Abraham Group, etc) about the single best way to build your business in this episode of Power to Create Profits.

Now you.  Is this relevant or over your head?  What is the barrier?  Who is going to stop you?  Do you know who Jay Abraham is speaking of for your business? 

You need:

A Map - Google Maps will do.

A Calendar - Marketing Planning Calendars.

A List - Sales Genie has one.

A Product or Service - Push Button Tech Tools.

All in one marketing software - With over 30 built in tools

Even if it is just a simple lemonade stand:  Where are the people going to be?  When?  How many?  Who can you invite?  Lemonade... sell lemonade.  A sign, a cell phone, a mega phone.  Now all you need is someone to collaborate with where they too will get a piece of the action.

It is more complicated than this ... or is it?

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