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Small Business Success Tools News 7-8-2010

Small business success tools on the shelf will be replaced frequently.  Here is news of the day about technology changes that will affect your small business:

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 Has Been Released

Firefox plus add-ons and plug-ins is one of the powerful Push Button Tech Tools to follow the very effective "10 Steps About I" customer connection process.

More Smartphone Owners Using Local Search And Social Networking

Local search.  Learn now.  Google Places and Google Maps at the very least must be on your list of free marketing.

E-mail mechanics: Managing domains, subdomains and IP addresses

For those who are more into the technology piece and want to go deeper.

Wireless Internet Access Becoming More Widespread


Who Spends Most Time on Facebook?

The Nielsen Company reported in June that, on average, the global consumer spends about 1 in every 4.5 minutes online on blogs or social networking sites. According to a report by market researcher Morpace, among US Facebook users time on Facebook rises to 1 in 3 minutes spent online.  This is important for small business owners because you must know where people are spending their time.  Read more...

You can scan the headlines in about 20 minutes a day.  As you scan you select which are relevant to your local small business.  To out manuever the big companies, you will add new technology and move quickly and in so doing will continue to drive your business based on the five essentials to business success.

How can you get it done so quickly?  In a recent blog post: Optimizing your business video presence on YouTube there is a video included that tells you about Google Reader.  Set it up.  Use it daily.  Skip the email inbox.  Knowledge Empowers and the RSS feed for 20 minutes will keep you ahead of the game. (As long as you select valuable resources.)

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