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Import Export Geeks video says it all about your business website

Let's face it.  Your business website is boring.  You want someone to pay attention and listen but you say the same old things.  Business success is a dream that maybe, just maybe, you will realize...20 years from now. 

To fix this?  Here are my two bits worth.

  1. Consider being a master of all things import export and learn logistics and compliance. (Especially export compliance.)  You can learn at www.importexportgeeks.com
  2. Watch the video from Import Export Geeks.  Hire the same person to make a video for your business.  They have a knack for keeping it simple and telling a story. 

My game is not international but after watching the video, I want to learn more.  They do make it look much easier.  Success, at times, means you just have to know the buttons to push.  Does the video give you enough information about compliance requirements for import export to go further?  Or maybe you are hoping to fall in love? 

Want to know where to find the presentation tools?

List of 19 Presentation Software and Tools (Create, Produce, Present)  These should get you started.

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