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Retail Business Product Search Engine Free Listing: The Find

How  simple can a blog for your business be?  How about an introduction to make a point and then an invitation to boost traffic for free?  See the paragraph and link below from thefind.com


Boost Your Traffic for Free on TheFind.com

theFindTake Advantage of the #2 Shopping Engine with 23 Million Visits per Month! Join TheFind's FREE Merchant Program and increase your retail store's visibility.  It takes just a few minutes, while you get great benefits like: comprehensive product feeds, total control over the information on your store, display of your logo & coupons, high conversion rates, and access to an expanding audience.

Register with TheFind's Merchant Program


If you click the link above it takes you to a landing page.

Is the landing page you see enough for you to sign up for free? 

If you are a retail merchant and want to showcase your products, why would you not? 

There is no doubt of the goal with the landing page.  They are not giving details nor asking you to get married for life.  There is no fine print.

This is what to watch for:

Act Quickly.

For a limited time, the UpFront Merchant program (a $299 value) is FREE when you register your store in TheFind's new Merchant Center. Get started being an UpFront Merchant today.

Should you participate?  How long is "limited"?  

By all appearances "The Find" is a search engine specifically for products.  The more products in their engine, the better service they provide. To offer better search results will mean more happy visitors.

As of this moment, the most popular recent searches are shown on the front page:

Now you will understand the power of having a blog.  If you read the blog at http://merchantblog.thefind.com/, you will have a better understanding of who and what they are.  A blog helps to fill in the gaps.
I have neither tried this discovery nor do I have clients with experience.  It is something for the review shelf.  www.thefind.com has high traffic and the current Alexa rank is 1,379.  Obviously there is a good chance that your competition is aware and listing their products.
I am interested in your experience with this.  Please share. www.thefind.com appears to be a resource as an example for a great landing page for your business and as a resource to list your retail products online.  Test, test, test is always the answer to the question.  Time to test.



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