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Business Success Tip: The 3 Phases Of A Successful Product Launch

business success tip product launch

Big small business success tip for you today.  Came straight to me from the internet sky above.

Product launches happen all of the time in the real world...

---> Every time Steve Jobs comes out with a new Apple product, there is a major launch campaign in place.

 ---> Microsoft used to dominate product launches with Bill Gates.

 ---> New movies go through an orchestrated

launch process as do new book launches.

And...they happen online too.

While the techniques for product launches change, it really comes down to these 3 phases:

1. Engaging Your Market:  The real secret behind

so many killer product launches is the ability to

involve your market early.  Techniques used include:

 - Releasing content DESIGNED to solicit participation.

 - Social networking PLANNED to engage your market.

 - Surveys that ACTIVELY get your market involved.

 - Teleseminars/Webinars that ENHANCE the customer experience.

This phase of the product launch is known as "warming up" your market.

By the way, if anyone out there has studied writing copy or direct advertising, you will know this step as getting Attention and creating Interest.

2. Bonding:  In this phase, your objective is to "on the fly" inject the feedback you get from phase 1 to "talk the language" of your prospects.

In this phase you pull out the comments to blog postings, the discussions on social networking, the survey responses, the feedback from teleseminars and webinars and feed that back into email follow-ups, videos, additional trainings and other valuable content for your market. 

Bonding is what really breaks down the barrier and opens the wallets of your market to make your launch HUGE.

3. Proof & Support:  This is critical to having a successful launch...crafting a small trail of proof statements from your marketplace. 

As you build engagement and bond with your market, you will get opportunities for people to endorse and cite examples of how your information has helped them ALREADY.  You want to capture those and feed them back to your market.  There is nothing more powerful in the world in terms of marketing than a launch campaign that...

1. Engages your market, pulling them into your product marketing funnel without trying, and then...

2. Bonds with them so they know you understand and can help them, and finally...

3. Convinces them that your book, report, home study package or product will help them achieve their desire or overcome their challenge.


Of course, within each of these 3 phases there are subtleties - how you create that interest, how you reach your market, ways to immediately bond with them, methods of easily and automatically getting proof, and so on...


Now you know. This is from an email box attached to an advertisement and promotion today. 

There is good truth here and should be very helpful to those who like quick summary snapshots.  Hopefully you follow these steps with integrity vs. manipulation and offer value rather than an empty box full of hype.

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