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Super Directory: Advertise with 69 Online Business Directories

Advertising a small business via just one phone book has turned into at least 69 directories online.  This does not include the directories that are specific to your type of business.  Due to volume and authority, business directories are very difficult to out rank in the search engine results for a small business.  Fortunately listing your business will be free (with upgrade options for most to a premium product).

How will you know which to list on first?  Google the common key words YOUR customers and potential customer will be using in their search.  Note on the first couple of pages any directory website that appear in the search engines.  They will  become obvious first choices.

advertise with online directories

Here is a list of 69 online business directories to start with:

  1. ALK
  2. Allpages.com
  3. AOL
  4. Ask Local
  5. Assist Guide
  6. ByteIT
  7. Collarity
  8. Dex
  9. DexKnows
  10. Disney
  11. eLocalListing
  12. Fave Media
  13. Go2
  14. Google Maps/Local
  15. Hellometro.com
  16. iBegin
  17. Infospace
  18. infoUSA
  19. InsiderPages
  20. JVC
  21. Kudzu
  22. LiveDeal
  23. Local.com
  24. Localmatters.com
  25. Lowrance/Navico
  26. LSSI
  27. Mapquest
  28. Menu Network (n/a as of 6/18/2010)
  29. Merchant Circle
  30. Mobio Networks
  31. MojoPages
  32. MSN Local
  33. Onboard
  34. Onecallnow
  35. Onstar
  36. OpenList
  37. Quebecor/Canoe
  38. Reach Local
  39. RMS
  40. Search Bug
  41. Spock
  42. SuperMedia (previously Idearc)
  43. Switchboard.com
  44. TeleAtlas
  45. Tellme
  46. Telmap
  47. The Yellow Pages
  48. Topix
  49. V-Enable (now called X Ad)
  50. viaMichelin
  51. Vogue
  52. Whitepages.com
  53. Yahoo!
  54. YellowBook
  55. YellowBot
  56. YellowPages.com
  57. Yelp
  58. YP.com
  59. Zenrin
  60. Zingy (Previously Vindigo) 

In the last blog article, you read about the small business success tip which reviewed how not to get rejected by Google Places.

List Business Locally Free at Google Places reviewed the new service and the name change to Google Places.

Now you have a long list of directories to list your information with.  Note:  You will not have an option to list your business with all of them directly.  Also, make a special note about the number of mobile and gps navigation resources.  Don't fall asleep and wait too long before you get listed for mobile.

If you have your business information handy, copy and paste will become your method to get it done more quickly.  

I have a personal online buddy system if you get stuck.  Schedule an appointment with my automatic system and the first 30 minutes are free.   

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