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Starting a Small Business and Willy Wonka Chocolate Bars

Here is an excerpt from a blog about business, philosophy and deep thought. Who said these words?    

 ....When someone encourages you to avoid the magic lottery, they're not criticizing your idea nor are they trying to shatter your faith or take away your hope. Instead, they're pointing out that shortcuts are rarely dependable (or particularly short) and that instead, perhaps, you should follow the longer, more deliberate, less magical path if you truly want to succeed.

If your business or your music or your art or your project is truly worth your energy and your passion, then don't sell it short by putting its future into a lottery ticket....

Consider these words.  Are you a coach? (Consultant, if that is what you prefer.)  Do these words inspire you to stand your ground and avoid the hype?

Are you a dreamer?  Going for it in the hopes of finding the Willy Wonka Chocolate Golden Ticket?  Is being a business owner a golden ticket?

Reading this makes me wonder about the value of a book when you can go to a blog and get it for free.

Here is the source of the original blog article.  You won't be surprised.  It's from Seth.

Are you writing a blog?  Then think deep and don't write about tulips in a land where tulips are plentiful.  

Be sure to watch Willie Dixon's video.  Help him get found so that he can play his saxophone more!

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