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Willie Dixon with Saxophone is Guerrilla Marketing in Action

In this video you see guerrilla marketing in action with Willie Dixon playing the saxophone.  His new tune: "Willie Dixon In Action". 

You are the first to see this video of Willie Dixon III before I post it on Youtube.  He has inspired me to think of a few marketing ideas.  Why would you not want to hire Willie Dixon III to play for you?  Are you having an event or a special day to celebrate?  Are you opening a new section?  Will you be doing a presentation that needs an introduction? 

Willie Dixon III plays in the Auburn, WA area and does everything he can to keep playing.  You will find him even outside a business using his saxophone as a guerrilla marketing weapon, giving away samples that make each passer-by pause and appreciate.

marketing with saxophoneIf you think about it, he may be waiting to be discovered.  We do not live in New York and there are no street corners with swarms of people.  Even so, Willie knows that to be noticed he must introduce himself and to be liked he must show off his stuff.

Even with the marginal video camera built into my mobile, I hope you get a sense of the talent Willie has to offer.

I have heard his melodies often and he is slowly becoming famous in our neck of the woods.  If you are local to my area and reading this, here is a marketing idea for you:  Look at your marketing planning calendar.  Do you have events, birthdays, or other celebrations coming up?  If not, then uh-oh.  If so, it is time to contact Willie and invite him to play for you.  He is only locally famous and may be as gracious to you as he was to me, and be open to ideas.

If only every business person would understand this concept:  Get noticed, share your talent, show what you can do, make them want more.

Will you pass this on to others?  Let's help Willie Dixon III get more gigs so he can do what he was meant to do, which is play the saxophone!  This will soon be on Youtube, etc.  You are the first to see him in action.  Leave a comment below and he will see it and respond to any requests.  Lucky for me I snagged his phone number and already thinking of an event for him to play at. 

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