Free Press Release Websites Called a Waste of Time in Email

Posted by Michael Hartzell on Tue, Jun 08, 2010

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You are about to invest in hours of work and distribute a free press release to every one of the 54 free press release websites I shared with you previously.  You are already counting the money and wondering about vacation.  How good will business get?  Let's take a look at the other side of the coin.  Could it be it is a waste of time to do free press releases?  What is PR Worthy?  

Mickie Kennedy sent me an email this morning on this very topic.  I will share it with you here: 


The concept of a free press release distribution service is a real head scratcher to most PR professionals because it removes "reaching the media" from the equation. Free press release websites are recommended by SEO professionals, webmasters and business owners for one reason: to get one-way links and traffic. A note of caution: the one-way links to your site are from a deep-linked page on the free press release website -- not the homepage.

One Press Release, 12,800 Hits. Great, Right?

Most of these newly created pages are cluttered with ads and have no PageRank. Traffic is also misleading. Many of these free press release services have heavily streamed RSS feeds that are constantly pulling press releases. Just because a press release has been streamed, it doesn't mean it has been read. Most of these press release "hits" are not end-users but an RSS reader constantly updating its feed. I access my Google Reader every day but I only get to browse the latest 40 or so headlines. Several hundred headlines buried beneath my latest headlines, which have been streamed, will never get read but count as a "hit."

Free Traffic to Your Site

Free press release sites are also coveted for free traffic.

The average free press release produces less than 100 visitors to your website, which is not bad -- until you realize most of this traffic isn't a potential customer but a website owner looking at his own press release and sampling other press releases on the website. I realize that any traffic and any resulting sales is a real perk, but I also realize that more than 99 percent of all free press releases will yield no real traffic, no leads, no sales, and phantom "hits" from RSS feeds.

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What to do, what to do?

On the one hand, all it takes is time and energy to send out the free press releases.  On the other hand, Mickie makes a point about free press releases that  just can't be overlooked.

Trust but verify.  It is time for a test.

Start with the free options for 60 days.  Go nuts.  Be wild.  (Delegate tasks to others on your team.)

Then at the end of sixty days do a press release with a paid service.  It could be or another.  Obviously Mickie is ready to serve since he provided so much contact info.

I am not affiliated with nor have I jumped in to try his service yet.  Only a matter of time though. 

Which is the truth?  Free press release websites, do they have value?  Are the points made by Mickie Kennedy valid to the point where free press release websites do not have an ROI?  What do you say?

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